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Architecture is a very complex profession, involving creativity and art along with physics and mathematical equations. While it may seem simple to draw a unique building on paper, an architect needs to ensure that it can withstand its own weight and that it can actually be built safely and in line with local regulations. As a result, architecture studies are also very complex, since you have to be taught so many different subjects and way of thinking in a short period of time. The only way to ensure that you remember and learn everything is to give you a lot of homework and assignments. Most architecture students and graduates will tell you that this profession may seem glamorous, but it requires a lot of work to get there.

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How to Start Your Architecture Homework

There are many different types of architecture assignments, from drawing to learning about famous architecture around the world. A lot of work is required to get through these assignments and there are no shortcuts, you have to do them yourself and you have to make time to be able to successfully graduate as an architect. This is simply one of those fields that require all of your time and attention when you study them.

Whatever assignment you get, it is important to first go over exactly what the professor asked of you. Write it down as simply as possible, in one sentence if you can. Then go over the notes from that last class, or video/audio if you record your lessons, and write down bullet points or notes relevant to your homework assignment. If the assignment also requires going through chapters in a book or research, do it and keep adding more notes to the “assignment page”.

When you’re done, go over all of your notes and start the assignment. If the assignment is drawing, don’t look the assignment up online. Try to do the work first using only the notes and instructions the teacher gave you.

Make a List of Resources

You probably have a list of books from your professors, but there is also a lot of very helpful material online. Search for architecture blogs and websites aimed at first year students. Go over them one by one and see which ones really offer information, practice sheets, games, learning methods, etc. The ones that look helpful should be bookmarked or saved somewhere in a list. Some websites are very specific, so you should also do a search of websites relevant to the specific courses you’re taking. Many times, when you have to study for a test or do an assignment, these lists will save you a lot of time and will make it easier for you to find the information you need.

You should also join a student/teacher forum if your university or college has one. You’d be surprised how helpful other students and your teachers can be after class hours.

Hire an Architecture Professional Tutor

Another very useful thing you can do is hire a tutor. Unlike other majors, when it comes to architecture you have to hire a tutor that is an architect and can go over all of the courses with you. This is because each course is taught with architecture in mind.

Don’t worry though, there are plenty great tutors out there can help you with your next architecture assignment. Just log on to a website for hiring tutors and follow these simple steps:

  •        Search for architecture tutors
  •        Filter according to your availability and desired budget
  •        If you can, filter the results so that only licensed architectures are shown
  •        Sort the results by rating
  •        Look more closely at the profiles of the top 5
  •        Choose a tutor and schedule a lesson

There is no obligation on your part, so you can easily move on to another tutor if the first one is not available every time you need them, or if you prefer a different teaching method.

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