Use Online Resources to Get Better Scores in Architecture Studies


Architecture is a very interesting major, but it is also considered one of the hardest to complete. Learning to design beautiful structures involves studying topics like math, engineering, design, and more, and this comes as a surprise to many students who eventually drop out. Below are a few steps you can follow to prepare for your studies and make them just a bit easier to handle.

Prepare Before Your Courses Start

Don’t wait for your semester to start. Make time beforehand to prepare yourself for the courses and topics you’ll be learning. Make a list of all of the courses in your upcoming semester, and the topics you’ll be learning in each course. It is important to know the order of the topics, if possible, so that you can read about them throughout the course before the professor introduces them. This information should be provided to you when you sign up for the courses, but if you can’t find it, contact your university or look it up on the website.


Remove or highlight topics that you are sure you won’t have any issues with because you already have experience with them. The next steps will involve everything else on that list.

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Make a List of Online Resources

Go through each topic on your list and save a few good online resources for each one. Here’s what you should be looking for:

  • Websites for architecture students, websites that cover specific topics relevant to architecture, or the topic you’re researching. Make sure these are reputable sites with reliable content.
  • YouTube channels with tutorials and resources relevant to each topic. This is great for visual learners and for topics that involve design software.
  • Blogs with articles about your topics written by professors, architects, and relevant professionals in the field. Make sure they are written by reliable people so that you don’t learn from a bad resource.

Save all of these resources so that you can search for what you need on each topic in the future.

Join Online Communities

When you can’t find the answer to your specific question, online communities can be life savers. You can join communities with architects and designers, as well as communities for architecture students from colleges and universities around the world. This is a great place to search for and post questions when you’re studying for an exam or stuck on a homework assignment.

Look for:

  1. Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, website forums, and subreddits for architects and professionals in fields that are relevant to architecture (like designers). Getting relevant information from professionals already working in your dream job can be a great experience.
  2. Join groups and forums of architecture students around the world. Always make sure that the groups you join are active, and be active yourself before posting your own questions to help other members and increase your chances of getting your own posts recognized.
  3. Join forums or groups available on the university or college website. If you’re not sure if one exists, ask administration or your professor.

Do this before your courses start, since many require approval and it can take time. Also, read the guidelines and rules for each group, forum, and subreddit to make sure you’re not breaking any rules, otherwise you could find yourself kicked out over an avoidable mistake.

Hire an Online Tutor

Online tutors can help you when you’re really stuck on a topic, studying for an exam, or need help with a specific assignment and you need someone you can rely on. They are easy to hire and find, everything is done online, and you can have an online tutor helping you in minutes in urgent situations.

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