Use These Tips to Get Higher Grades in Architecture


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Architecture is considered one of the toughest degrees to undertake these days, and it involves courses in engineering, design, and more. Many mistakenly believe that it is too hard or complicated for them, but that is just not true. Follow these steps below, and you’ll see that your studies can be much easier than you thought.


Prepare Everything Before Your Courses

The first thing you need to do is go over all of the courses you’ll be taking in your upcoming semester. Make a list of each course, and all of the topics the course will cover. If you can’t find a list of topics, check your university website, or just contact the university.

Go over the list and remove any topic you feel you already know or feel comfortable with.

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Research Online Resources

Starting with the first topic on your list, start your research to find the following resources.

  • Websites that are all about architecture. Save the top most popular websites in the field, as well as tutorial sites that have articles about your topics.
  • Video channels on YouTube are a great resource for visual learners. Save a few channels you feel cover the most topics.
  • Blogs written by architects, professors, and other professionals in the field are a great resource, but you need to make sure they are reliable and reputable so that you don’t end up using bad info.

Make sure to save these resources in a file that you can easily search later on. This way, if you’re searching for something specific, you’ll know exactly which links you need to visit to quickly find the information you need.


Find Online Communities

While resources are great for reading about certain topics, nothing beats talking to a real person, especially if you have very specific questions. Online communities make this possible, and it’s completely free! Here’s what you need to look for:

  • Join groups of professionals and architects on LinkedIn, forums, and Facebook groups. If you have very specific or complicated questions, this could be a great place to post it.
  • There are students just like you from all over the world online! Find them in groups, subreddits, and forums. Make sure to join active groups and forums, introduce yourself, and be active in the best ones. This increases your chances of getting answers quickly when you need them.
  • Try to see if your university has a forum or community for teachers and students. If it’s active, it will be a great place to get help and help others, and even find study partners in your class.

Before posting, remember two things:

  • Always check the rules in each group to make sure that it’s ok for you to post your question.
  • Always search for your question or topic in case someone has already asked and answered.

Find an Online Tutor

Online tutors are very different from conventional tutors. They don’t physically come to your house, and you don’t go to theirs. You hire them online and connect using video streaming solutions for lessons. Why is this a great thing for you?

  • This means you can easily find an architecture tutor in minutes. Finding a conventional tutor means there needs to be one in your location, but that’s not a problem when hiring online.
  • Because you have access to so many tutors online, you can easily find one that is available when you need them. Whether you need someone right now for something urgent, or someone on specific days and times, you’re sure to find a great tutor in no time.
  • There are a lot of tutors online, which means prices are competitive and much lower than conventional tutors.

All you need is an internet connection and you can have an expert help you study for exams, do homework, and learn your course topics.


Prepare for Each Course

If you really want to make things easier, start reading a bit about each topic before you start studying it in class. A lot of students think this is a time-killer, but they end up wasting much more time trying to understand new material after the fact, which is much more stressful! You don’t have to study and learn everything on your own, but even light reading on a topic before your professor introduces it will make things much clearer and less stressful in class. You’ll be able to understand the professor more, and nothing will really be that “new” in class.

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