How to Learn German from the Comfort of Your Own Home


Let’s start off with this: the idea that German is a difficult language to learn, is a myth. German and English share the same ancestral Germanic root; it’s as if English is German’s distant cousin. English speakers have an advantage when taking on learning German, so all trepidation of the seemingly formidable language can be put at ease.

If you have already decided to learn German online, you can just sit back, relax, and start learning from the comfort of your own home.

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Why it’s Worthwhile to Learn German

  • Speaking German can connect you to over one hundred million native speakers. German is the most spoken language in Europe, and not only because Germany has the highest population of all European nations, but also because German is spoken as a native tongue by a large population in northern Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, eastern Belgium, Russia, as well as in other parts of Europe.
  • German is the 3rd most popular foreign language taught worldwide, add all the people that learn German as a second language to over one hundred million native speakers, and you have a very impressive German speaking population.
  • Germany is the economic powerhouse of the EU. It is the number 1 export nation, exporting top notch products and merchandise, from household goods to cars. German brands are considered strong and prestigious.
  • If you are looking to globalize your business or expand career opportunities, Germany is a country worth considering. The economic fortitude of the country brings a plethora of business opportunities. Internationally recognized companies like BMW, Siemens, SAP, and Bosch (as well as many more) need international partners. It’s also worth mentioning that Germany hosts the world’s largest trade fair for information and communications.
  • Germans have very strong internet presence, the country’s extension de., covers 8 million internet domains, and is second to the extension .com.
  • German is an important language in the fields of publishing and research, and knowing the language gives graduates access to necessary research published in books and professional journals in the German language. Many graduate schools require or recommend their graduates learn the German language and have basic knowledge of it.

Benefits of Learning from Home

In today’s face-paced world, most of us hardly have a moment to do anything out of the routine. Earning a living, getting through traffic, going to school and finding time to spend with our family are usually at the top of our list of daily priorities. With online tools and easy access, finding the time to learn a language just for own self-improvement, self-fulfillment or self-development has become a privilege we can afford. Here are some reasons as to why online studying could be a great solution for you as well:

  • The freedom to study in your own time.
  • Online videos, courses, and tutors available to you from anywhere, anytime.
  • E-learning is effective and flexible, and doesn’t take up much time and energy.
  • Easy access to blogs and websites with helpful online lessons, as well as YouTube channels with free lessons.
  • Social media groups and forums allowing you to connect to German speakers across the globe so you can practice communicating.
  • Hiring an online tutor is a cheap and fast process, with the advantage of connecting to a recommended tutor flexibly and conveniently from the comfort of your own home, or any other location you may prefer. Just decide on your budget, how many lessons you want and how frequently you want them, and any additional requirements you may have from the tutor. Websites for hiring tutors are user friendly, so your search criteria will lead you to a few good options to choose from.


With ample reasons to learn German and all the support of online recourses and tutors, learning German is an easy and enriching experience.

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