How to Learn Spanish Easily Online


Anything you want to know, is possible, and everything you choose to learn, will be fed to you by the webs silver spoon. Easy access to knowledge exists for people of any age, in any country across the globe, in every language imaginable. In case it doesn’t exist in your language, don’t stress, it’s easier to learn that language online than open up a dictionary and start flipping through pages. The advantages of becoming a multilingual speaker are endless and obvious, the only question that remains unanswered is: out of the 7000 different languages spoken throughout the world, how do I pick what language to learn?  

Why Spanish?

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, and it is the native tongue of approximately 388 million people. Spanish is a widely popular choice for a second language and therefore almost 500 million people can speak the language around the world. Here are just a few good reasons to learn Spanish:

  • Spanish as a language is being prioritized in schools, and schools are becoming increasingly bilingual, especially in the United States.
  • Out of all languages, Spanish is one of the easiest to learn. It is similar to English and the writing is almost entirely phonetic which means you can know how it is pronounced by just reading it.  
  • Spanish is the main language in 21 countries and territories, there are more Spanish speakers than native English speakers living in these locations.
  • It is one of the most frequently used languages in the world, and has a huge presence in the media, especially in the music and film industries.
  • Being bilingual and knowing how to speak Spanish is a very impressive trait, and an advantage when applying for a job. It can even increase your relocation opportunities, or lead you to work and reside in a foreign country.

Online Makes It Easy

Previous obstacles we used to face when trying to learn a new language, like lack of time, money, mobility, and connections to good teachers, they just don’t exist anymore. Language courses and tutors are available online, meaning you can learn from home, from your car, while waiting for your doctor’s appointment, while your kids are playing in the yard, etc. High quality and low costs are another two major perks. Most importantly, online courses are fun; containing engaging videos, games, and interaction with dynamic tutors. Online tutors are a great way to make the learning process even more efficient, and to clear up any confusion on the spot. You get to choose the structure that best suits your needs, availability, and personality.

Online Resources – Make It Even Easier

The online resources available today are abundant, and enrich the language learning process by giving it even more added value. Here is a list of the different online resources to choose from:

  • Free blogs and websites with online lessons.
  • YouTube videos with free lessons (very helpful in teaching pronunciation).
  • Social media groups and forums with people who want to chat and practice their Spanish.
  • Groups and forums for native Spanish speakers, under various topics of interest, so you can practice communicating in Spanish with native speakers.
  • Hiring an online tutor is a great resource, and much cheaper and more flexible than the traditional method of hiring a tutor. With online tutors, you’re not limited by your location, it’s cheaper, faster, flexible, and adaptable to your convenience. Recommendations and reviews are also available, so you can ensure you are hiring the right teacher for you.

Learning Spanish online pays off, when measuring the rewards versus the efforts, the scale tips heavily on the rewards.


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