Read All About How to Improve Your Microsoft Excel Skills Using the Internet


Microsoft Excel skills

Microsoft Excel skills are needed in a lot of fields these days. Anyone from marketers, sales managers, and secretaries need to have excellent Excel skills since data is almost always managed on these sheets. Whether you’re trying to improve basic Excel skills, or learn more advanced skills and equations for reports and analytics, here’s where you can start.

Join Online Communities

Since there are a lot of professions that heavily rely on Excel, like analytics and BI jobs, you can find a whole lot of communities online.

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LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is an amazing resource and a great place to connect with Excel experts. You’ll find at least 5-10 very active groups you can search and post in when you have questions. Join a few groups that have people in your field. For example, if you are in marketing, join a group for marketing professionals. That way, if you post a question there about creating marketing reports or equations, you can get help from people who know why you’re asking and what your challenges are.

Facebook Groups

Join a couple of active Facebook groups with others in your profession as well as groups with Excel experts. Make sure to read the posting guidelines before posting, to make sure you’re not going to get kicked out for breaking the rules.

Subreddits on Reddit

Join subreddits with Excel professionals, or just around the topic of Excel. You can find subreddits with Excel tips and tutorials. Subscribe and be active so that you aren’t prevented from posting and commenting when you need help due to Reddit’s limitations on new users.

Hire an Online Tutor

Communities are a great free resource, but they are not completely reliable. If you need help with something specific and you can’t find the solution online, a tutor can be a great way to solve your problem quickly. Online tutors are available for immediate hire and can help at any time with your Excel questions. They are easy to find, are not costly, and connect via live video streaming for each lesson.

Before hiring a tutor, keep in mind a few important things:

  • Hire from reputable tutor sites
  • Search for the top-rated Excel tutors
  • Read their reviews from other students and clients
  • Contact two or three to see if they are available or if you have any other questions

You can always change tutors if the one you are used to isn’t available or just isn’t a good match.

Use Online Resources

Online communities and tutors are usually a great place to get help if you can’t find what you’re looking for online, but that shouldn’t happen very often. There are thousands of great resources online to help you with any problem you have.

Google It

In many cases, you’ll find that you need to do something specific on Excel and don’t know how. Most of the time, you can just Google it and you’ll find the answer in the search results previews without even opening one link. For example, don’t know how to count the characters in a cell? Type in Google “Excel count characters”, and you’ll instantly find your answer. In more complex cases, you’ll probably have to open a few links for longer explanations and tutorials.

YouTube Videos

Complicated features on Excel somethings require a bit more than written articles and screenshots. If you can’t understand the explanations you find in search engine results, search YouTube. You’ll probably find a few videos explaining what you need in detail.


If you aren’t looking for something specific, but rather want to learn Excel features like you would in a course, tutorials and online courses are your best shot. Look for the top-rated Excel course online that cover the topics you’re interested in, for example VB or dashboard reports.

Microsoft Resources

Use the Help section in your Excel and Microsoft’s resources on their help site for information about how to use certain features or carry out specific functions.


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