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Math courses in college are very frustrating to a great many students, especially those with multiple math courses majoring in engineering, physics, or other scientific fields. What makes math very different from other subjects is the massive amount of practice and homework required to really ensure good grades. This leads quite a lot of students to stress and anxiety as a result of last-minute planning and bad schedules. The good news is that it’s possible, and anyone can do it, you just have to take the time before you start your studies to plan ahead. In this article, we have a few tips to get you ready for each and every math course you need to take, while reducing your stress levels along the way and leaving with more free time after class.

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Research Online Math Websites

When it comes to math subjects, you can find pretty much everything you need online. Follow these steps to help you get started on finding what you need and saving it for later.

Step 1

As we said before, it’s important to start this process before every semester. Make a list of all of the math courses you’ll be taking, and a list of what you’ll be learning in each course. You can erase topics that you are already comfortable with, but you may want to leave it all in just in case, especially if you have the time. If you can’t find this information on your college website, ask your professors for the list of topics each course will cover.

Step 2

Research every single topic on your list. Look for blogs, websites, video channels, etc. Use search terms like “introduction to calculus”, “tutorial inductions”, “what are integrals”, and more.

Step 3

Save the best results for each topic on your computer. Categorize and describe them in an Excel sheet so that you can easily find the information you need when you need it.

This alone will make you feel much more confident when you start your classes, and you may even try reading a few of the introductions and tutorials online before the course starts to get a head start.

Get Help from Other Students

Other students just like you get stuck with a problem from time to time, or have a question about a certain topic. Find them in forum websites, subreddits on Reddit, and groups on Facebook. Make sure to look for active ones, so that you can quickly get an answer when you’re in a jam. Always remember to search for your question before posting, as someone may have already asked and answered!

Don’t wait until your course starts to post in the groups. If you introduce yourself and post from time to time, or comment, you can start to get to know the other members. This will also get you quicker answers, since some of them will know you by then.

Look for a Tutor Online

Online tutors have changed the world of tutoring forever. They make finding and hiring a tutor easier, faster, cheaper, and much more convenient. You can look for a tutor to help you from the start of the course, to go over the material, help with homework, and even help you study for exams. Since all of it is done online, you aren’t obligated to continue at any time, so you can hire tutors for one-time lessons if you just need help with one topic or problem.

Before hiring, just make sure to read reviews and ratings about them so you’re not wasting your time and money. Ask questions about their teaching methods, availability, and prices up front, and don’t be afraid to change tutors if you’re not 100% comfortable with the first one you hired.


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