Ace Your Graphic Design College Course with These Tips

Whether you’re learning graphic design to be a professional designer or just taking a course because it interests you or is part of your major, graphic design is a very fun skill to have. You can do amazing things from your computer and get creative with nearly any image that comes to mind. The only downside is that it involves a lot of learning material, computer skills, and time for practice. If you are struggling with graphic design, it doesn’t mean that it is not for you. It simply means that you may need a little bit of help.

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Online Graphic Design Resources

You can find a lot of graphic design resources online, some in writing and most as YouTube videos. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s easy to find specific graphic design tutorials, but a general tutorial that teaches everything from scratch is a bit more complicated. Not all courses teach the same exact things, and you can’t really learn “everything” because the possibilities are endless and there are many different types of programs that graphic designers use. Here’s what you should do to help with your online search:

Start with a Course List

You should have a full list of everything you’re going to learn in the course. If not, ask your professor. You’ll need a list of topics you’ll be learning, programs you’ll use, and the functions you’ll learn.

Start Your Search

Now that you have an organized list, you can search for tutorials for each topic, feature, and software on your list. It will take time, but when you’re done you’ll have a ready list that you can access at any time throughout the course.

These are the things you should be looking for:

  •        Websites with tutorials
  •        Videos on YouTube
  •        Forums on Reddit and forum websites
  •        Groups on Facebook and LinkedIn

The advantage to this method is that throughout the entire course, whenever you learn a new topic and get assignments, you can go to your list and get additional help. You can also get great graphic design project ideas from other designers and students in the groups you joined. The downside is that you can’t really be sure that you’ll understand the tutorials when the time comes to use them, and it takes a whole lot of time to get this list ready.

Study Graphic Design with a Tutor

Another way to help you through your studies is hiring someone professional for graphic design help. You can hire a regular tutor that comes to your house, or hire a tutor online.

Hiring a regular tutor can be difficult because you can’t always find one that lives nearby. If you do find a tutor, you can’t really haggle on the price or argue with their availability because they are probably the only one in your area. If the tutor you find isn’t good for you, you’re stuck. An online tutor solves all of those problems by giving you access to tutors around the world and not just your neighborhood. Because of this, you can choose from different tutors based on their skills, experience, prices, availability, and even reviews from previous students.

Online tutors usually teach via live video lessons so if you have a laptop and an internet connect, it’s just like having the teacher there with you. You can do your graphic design assignments with them, ask questions about specific topics, and work on your final project.

How to Hire a Tutor

This is the easiest part. Just log on to a website for tutors and choose one that fits your specific needs. You don’t have to commit to any one tutor and can move on to someone else if the first one wasn’t right for you.
The next time you have graphic design questions, you’ll have all of the resources you need to get them answered quickly!

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