3 Ways to Get Microsoft Excel Homework Help Online

Microsoft Excel is a program created by Microsoft as part of the Office Suite. It is used by nearly all offices and businesses around the world and anyone with a computer today is expected to know how to use it. Some people, like analysts or accountants, are expected to know how to use Excel at a very high level, including using formulas and various features that administration employees wouldn’t even know about. It is a complex program with too many features to list and even those that are computer savvy have difficulties using it. The problem is, many assignments and projects require you use it!

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Look for the Answers to Microsoft Excel Questions Online

Nearly everything related to Microsoft Office can be found online, especially Excel. Doing a simple search like “how to count characters in Excel” will instantly show you the formula you need to use. That alone should be proof that you are not alone in your struggle to understand Excel. There are millions of Microsoft Excel questions online so you are most likely to find what you need if you dedicate a few minutes to search and try a few options.

A lot of the information available online is from Microsoft’s blogs and websites. Even they know that their software is complicated! So when you look for information, look at the links before wasting your time on long explanations and articles. If you can, visit MS blogs and websites over those that are unidentifiable.

Also, remember that there are many different versions of Office Suites and they are all different. When you do your search online, be sure to add the version (2007, 2003, etc.) so that you only find relevant results.

Do Your Microsoft Excel Assignment with Other Students

There are many forums and groups (on Reddit and Facebook, for example), that are specifically for people who need Microsoft Excel answers. You can easily join these groups and simply ask for help whenever you have a new assignment you don’t know how to do. Some will answer your questions, while others will even offer to do the assignment together with you.

Hire a Tutor to Help with Microsoft Excel Homework

If you need to gain in-depth knowledge of Excel (if you’re an analyst, for example), then searching for Microsoft Excel online help may not be enough. Online information is great when you’re stuck and you need a specific formula or to find out where a certain feature is, but to really get to know the software you need an Excel expert to guide you. There are a lot of Excel tutors online ready to assist, you just need to find them. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Visit a website for hiring online tutors.
  • Filter your results to show only Excel or MS Office tutors.
  • Filter results again to show only those relevant to your schedule and budget.
  • Arrange results to show the highest rated teachers at the top.
  • Choose a teacher and schedule a lesson.

Before scheduling your first lesson, be sure to read the teacher’s information and profile so that you know a little more about them, their skills and experience, and teaching method. Read reviews by other students, even though the rating is high. And, lastly, prepare a list of things you need help with, for example assignments or certain types of formulas. The teacher will probably ask you before scheduling the lesson and even if they don’t, you can make the most out of each lesson if you learn by doing assignments together with teacher (2 birds, 1 stone).

Good luck!

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