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Computer networking is a very interesting topic and is taught in a number of different faculties. Anyone interesting in network security or even the huge growing trend called “IoT”, should be interested in computer networking. While it is an interesting topic, it involves vast amount of information that needs to be taught and the only way to make sure students understand everything is by giving you one networking assignment after the other until the material gets through.

But just because the homework feels like it’s too much to handle doesn’t mean you should give up on networking altogether. All it means is that you may need a little bit of health. Luckily, help comes in many different forms online and finding a tutor can be done in three simple steps.

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Step 1: What Kind of Computer Networking Assignment is It?

As previously mentioned, networking is a very broad word to describe a number of different topics. You will find it very difficult to find someone who is generally good at “networking”. It is like finding someone to help you with your language learning without first telling them what language you need help with.

Do you just need someone to give you an introduction to the basics of networking, is there a project on networking you’re working on, and what is the type of networking you need help with? Is it security networking, Ethernet networking, etc.?

You obviously know the answers to all of these questions, but it is important to understand that you need these answers in order to search for the right tutor. Once you are clear on what kind of help you need exactly, move on to step 2.

Step 2: Add More Criteria to Your Search

Before you search for a tutor, there are other criteria you need to define. Because there are so many possible tutors out there, even networking tutors specific to your topic and needs, it is hard to narrow them down to a couple that are a good match for you. In order to make that easier, you can add the following criteria narrow down the search:

  • Price – How many lessons do you need a month? What is your monthly budget? Once you know that, you can easily understand what you maximum price per lesson is and choose a teacher that is in line with your budget.
  • Availability – Whether you are working or just have a tight schedule, you need someone who is available on the days and hours that you are. Right when you want these lessons to take place to narrow down the search to teachers who are available during those times.

You can also add other criteria like language, location, and additional skills if there is something that is important to you. Don’t worry about making your search impossible, there are so many tutors out there you are sure to find a match!

Step 3: Search for and Hire a Tutor to Start Learning Networking!

Now that you have all of your criteria and search filters ready, just enter them into a tutors website and go over the results. If you have a lot of results that match all of your filtering, narrow it down to those with a maximum rating. You can see what other filtering options are available to continue making the list smaller and smaller until you only have about 5 left. Then you should read the reviews, even though the rating is high, to understand what the strengths of each teacher are. When you finally have one that seems like it’s a match, just hire and schedule your first lesson! There is absolutely no obligation so if the first teacher didn’t turn out to be a match, you can simply move on to the next in your short list until you find the perfect one.

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