How to Get Help with PSAT Prep

The PSAT, or the preliminary SAT, is a standardized test that students take in high school in order to get the National Merit Scholarship. The test itself is just like the SAT, there is little difference between the two besides what they’re for and the scoring method. If you want to be in the running for the National Merit scholarship, taking the time to properly study for the PSAT is very important. If you don’t know where to start or need a little PSAT help, keep reading.

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1. Exam Prep Never Changes

Prepping for an exam is the same, regardless of the type of exam you’re prepping for, whether it’s a biology test or the PSAT. There are a few things you need to figure out:

· Do you study best alone or with others? We’re not all the same, some study best with a group because it helps them remember the material while others find it to be a distraction and prefer to go at it alone.
· Do you have any environment requirements? Think about the best environment for you to study. For some, it’s a loud and busy coffee shop or diner, for others it’s a very quiet room with zero distractions, or maybe you need some music to help you out.
· Do you have a tendency to procrastinate, get distracted, or zone out? This is very common and in the end leads students to spend a lot longer than they should on studying because they keep getting distracted by videos, social networks, their friends, etc. or they procrastinate until the last minute.

These three things determine how you plan your study sessions. If you easily get distracted, have someone in the room with you when you study to keep you on track, or study with a friend if you don’t like studying alone. Procrastinator? Get a friend to keep reminding you that you have to study. Don’t be in denial about your “faults”, everyone has them. Understand what they are and plan your studies to work around them or despite them.

2. PSAT Prep Online Help

There are a lot of online PSAT sites that can help you, especially with practice tests and tutorials. Make a list of:

· Websites that provide students with online PSAT prep tools.
· YouTube channels with lessons that can help you study.
· Forums with other students going through the PSAT test prep phase so that you can ask questions and get advice.
· Think about working with a tutor. PSAT tutoring can make things much easier for you, will save time, and will increase your chances of getting a high score.

3. How to Hire PSAT Tutors

These days, you don’t need to spend days and even weeks looking for a tutor in your area. There are thousands of online tutors that can help you answer all of your PSAT questions and ace that test. Simply define your requirements in terms of budget, special skills your tutor should have (additional languages, experience with students of a certain age, etc.), and availability. You can then log onto a website for hiring tutors and use your defined requirements to search for possible candidates. Choose a few that look like a good match and read their reviews or take a look at their rating to filter them out even further. Send two or three fitting tutors a message with additional questions you may have and then choose the one that seems like the best fit. There is no commitment, you can always try one lesson and move on to a different tutor if the first isn’t’ available or wasn’t a good match.

Next time, getting the PSAT answers will be much easier.

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