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Learning history is a very different experience for high school students and college students. The main reason for that is the fact that all high school students are forced to study history, whereas college students chose this major because they find it interesting. That being said, all history students, college and high school alike, get homework and long assignments on a regular basis and most students don't enjoy it. It takes a lot of time, it is sometimes difficult and leads to stress, especially if it is graded, and sometimes you just lack the motivation. This is where the internet comes in, with the vast information that it offers and the many people and communities willing to help.

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Why is there so much history homework?

Before you despair, you need to understand why you get so much homework. The teacher or professor isn't out to get their students and no one is trying to make your life difficult. The fact of the matter is, your teacher only has very few time with you during class and in that time they are teaching many students at once. Most students will not remember the material and for many the contents of the lesson won't sink in to begin with. Homework and assignments are a way to get you to continue learning after class. Just like you practice solving math problems in algebra, history requires that you discover new topics and learn some of the material on your own. There is so much to teach you and the teacher has so little time.

Many of the assignments you'll get will be to read the next few chapters in your history books and summarize them. While this takes a long time and requires a lot of concentration, it is a way to teach you a lot more in a short time.

How to Come Up with History Assignment Ideas

Unlike other subjects like math or chemistry, history homework usually comes in the form of assignments and not a piece of paper with a list of questions or problems for you to solve. For example, a teacher may ask for everyone to hand in a 2-page assignment about the Gold Rush. Of course you can simply write two pages about the Gold Rush, but the teacher expects you to think of your own sub-topic to focus on. Examples could be businesses in the Gold Rush, the economy, famous families, etc. How do you know what topic to choose?

Here are a few good ways to search for assignment ideas:

  • Wikipedia – Skimming relevant Wikipedia pages for ideas could be very helpful. Just remember that the content on Wikipedia can't always be relied on, so scroll down to see the sources and go there for facts you want to put into your assignment.
  • Straightforward Google Search – Do a Google search for assignment ideas, for example “Gold Rush History Assignment”.
  • Ask a Friend – Get a friend or family member to give you a little bit of history assignment help by brainstorming ideas with them.

Hiring a Professional for History Homework Help

Some homework assignments can be really challenging and require a lot of work. Other times, it is simply the material that is hard to understand, either because the teacher's explanation didn't sink in or the book you have doesn't explain properly. Either way, you can hire a professional tutor online to help you understand the material and find your history homework answers on time.

Follow these simple steps to find the right history tutor:

  •        Log on to a website for hiring tutors.
  •        Do a search for a history tutor
  •        Filter the results based on availability, cost, and rating
  •        Go over the profiles or details of the top 5 and choose the best one
  •        Schedule a private lesson!

That's all there is to it. It is usually a lot less expensive than hiring someone to come to you since there are so many tutors online so prices are competitive.

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