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French is one of the most popular second languages in the United States, right after Spanish. The reason is because people simply like the language. French is an old language, it is romantic and fun and it is widely spoken in a number of countries besides France. Learning French, however, is considered by a lot of students to be very difficult.

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Why is French so difficult?

There are two main reasons most find French so difficult:

  • Accent – Let’s face it, the accent is very different. If you didn’t grow up in a French speaking environment or aren’t really good with imitating accents, the French one will be very challenging. There are a number of letters and vowels that are pronounced so differently that English speakers have never used such sounds before in their lives. Teachers don’t really know how to explain pronunciation to their students beyond saying the words over and over again and hoping they can imitate them.
  • Too many letters – Writing and reading French has a whole set of rules you need to remember by heart. Letters are sometimes read, sometimes they’re not. For example, the word Bordeaux is pronounced “Bordoe” – so what happened to the last four letters of the word? In fact, it is common knowledge that even the French have difficulties with their spelling skills!

What is French homework for?

As with any other language, French homework is there to help you practice your newly learned vocabulary and language skills. Because it is written most of the time, it is not very helpful in teaching you how words sound, but it can help you remember how they are spelled and how to structure them in a sentence.

If you really want to make your French homework effective, hire a professional tutor. A tutor will be able to read the French words and sentences for you so that you also activate your hearing memory as you learn, which makes things easier to remember, and you’ll know how words are supposed to be pronounced. You’ll also gain insider information into how the language is commonly used!

How to choose the best French tutor online

Follow these simple steps:

  • Visit a website for online tutors or French tutors.
  • Filter results to include only native French speakers with teaching experience
  • Choose a tutor and schedule a lesson

It is really that easy, and all you need is a headset to connect with them online and do your homework with them. Additional filtering criteria to consider before making a final decision are:

  • Availability – Before you hire someone, see if they are available when you are. Don’t settle for anything less, there are a lot of teachers online so you can find someone good that is line with your busy schedule.
  • Cost – As previously mentioned, there are a lot of teachers online. That means that prices are very competitive and you are more likely to find someone that is within your budget. Look at their price per lesson, see how long each lesson is, and calculate your monthly budget according to how many lessons you think you’ll need. Some websites let you filter the results according to price, which makes things easier.
  • Look at the teacher’s rating before hiring. These websites encourage students to rate and review the teachers they hire so that you can read these reviews and know as much as possible about the teacher before making a decision. Choose those with high ratings and read a couple of reviews just to be sure that everything is in order.

That’s it, it is very simply and it only takes a couple of minutes before you find the perfect tutor to help with your French homework and studies.

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