5 Tips to Easily Learn Portuguese

If you ever plan on visiting Brazil, you’re going to want to learn Portuguese. There are many other reasons, besides travel, to learn the language. It is a beautiful language, the culture is fascinating, and the more languages you learn, the more the world opens up to you. There are many ways to learn Portuguese, but if you follow these five steps, you are sure to be speaking like a native Brazilian in no time.

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| Watched Dubbed Movies | Do Your Homework

Sign up to a Course

One of the most logical thing you can do is sign up to a course. This is particularly good for people who are visual learners and need a teacher, but it is also good for beginners because you’ll be able to hear someone pronounce different words, and explain the basics to you. There are many different types of courses and it is important to choose the one that is best for your needs and availability.

Beginners Course
For starters, you can sign up to a course that simply introduces the language. This will help you get the basics of Portuguese and will put you in a great place to improve and learn on your own later on.

Advanced Course
If you still prefer studying in courses, you can continue to sign up to advanced and expert courses as you move forward in your proficiency.

Courses Abroad
This is one the best and fastest ways to study, but it is only recommended after you do a basic course first. A course abroad means that you actually go to Brazil for a few months and learn the language there. There are many programs that let you do this and you end up learning very quickly while having the experience of a lifetime.

Learn Portuguese on Your Mobile Phone

Search  your app store for an app to study and practice Portuguese. This is a great way to keep yourself interested and engaged while learning. You can find apps that teach in a simple way, and others that use games and stories to help you remember. Just make sure to add notifications so that you can be reminded to practice every day.

Learn Portuguese Online

There are many resources you can find online to help you with your studies. Learning Portuguese online should be in addition to a course and other efforts that you are making to study Portuguese.

Look for:

  • YouTube channels that have video lessons. Subscribe to these channels so that you can get back to them later.
  • Websites with resources and lessons for different proficiency levels.
  • Online courses you can sign up to that are either recorded sessions or actual live sessions via video streaming.
  • Online tutors you can hire to teach you the language one on one. You can easily find an online tutor that fits your needs, availability, and budget, and then you can learn comfortably from home.

Watch Movies in Portuguese

One of the best ways to keep yourself learning is to watch movies that are dubbed in Portuguese. Start small, cartoons like Disney and Pixar films are great. As you get better, you can move on to more complicated movies. You’ll see that the more you watch, the faster you’ll learn. Make sure to watch in Portuguese with English subtitles so that it is easier to follow the story as you listen to the language.

Don’t Forget to Practice

Languages can be forgotten so it is very important to do your homework in Portuguese! Practice by listening to the news in Portuguese every now and then, speak with people in the language, do exercises, and even buy books to read. This will help you keep the language alive in your head.

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