Get Through Your Journalism Studies with These 5 Tips


Journalism is an exciting and rewarding field, and many students start their journalism studies with bright eyes and passion. Unfortunately, many are also surprised when they find themselves challenged by the time it takes to get through each course and prep for journalism exams, the frustration at not understanding certain topics or being able to complete certain assignments, and more. While the field is exciting, it requires in-depth study and investment on your part just like any other field of study. Here are a few tips to help make your studies easier and keep that passion alive.

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Tip 1: Make a List of Top Journalists


If you don’t already have a list ready, make sure to prepare one before you start your first course. Make a list of top journalists that have published articles about their careers and not just their stories. This can help you get inspired and learn about their experiences as journalists, their challenges, and even their studies.

Try to also make a list of successful but less-known journalists and save it for a rainy day. You may want to reach out to someone at some point for an interview or just to ask for their professional advice and the lesser-known journalists may be more responsive.


Tip 2: Save Online Resources


There are loads of online resources for you to save for a rainy day. Make a list of top websites, blogs, forums, groups, and YouTube channels to access when you have questions you can’t answer or topics you’re having trouble with. Look for forums and groups that are active so that you can get quick answers when you need them, and subscribe to top blogs by journalists you admire to keep up with the field throughout the course.


Tip 3: Ask Your Professor


If you can contact some of your professors before you start your courses, do so. Ask them what journalism online resources they recommend you follow, what their own study tips are, and even what journalism practice assignments can help you get through your courses. Get a few names of journalism experts to read about as well, as you may have missed a few important names in Tip #1.



Tip 4: Hire a Tutor


Looking for and hiring a tutor before your first course even starts can help relieve a whole lot of stress and make everything much easier from lesson one. You can find many online tutors with different levels of experience and qualifications to help you. A professional journalism tutor is easy to find online, and once you find someone you click with and understand, you’ll have a reliable resource of journalism questions and answers, someone to explain any material you didn’t understand, and help you prep for exams and prepare assignments. Not only will this make the course easier for you, but will mean less procrastination and less time spent on studying and homework.


Tip 5: Plan Ahead


Your courses will take a significant amount of your time, both in class and after class to study and prepare for exams. In addition, it will take a lot of your focus and it is important to keep a clear head and stay calm throughout your studies. In order to do this, you have to prepare yourself and your schedule beforehand. Don’t stuff your calendar with too many events, don’t promise yourself to take on too many responsibilities, and do what you can to keep your study space as stress free as possible. You’ll face a few journalism study challenges along the way, but this will make them more manageable.




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