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Most students, at some point in their lives, needed someone to help them understand and solve a math problem. If you’re lucky, your mother or father are math geniuses and also great at explaining things. Otherwise, you’re stuck with either failing or finding someone to help you.

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Why Get Discrete Math Homework Help

Most students ask a friend in their class or a family member for help and leave hiring a tutor as a last option. The reason is usually because actually hiring someone is officially admitting that you need help. Somewhere along the way, us humans decided that getting help was an embarrassing thing. That’s not the way it should be and you should know that there are a lot of students like yourself who also need help and don’t get it just because they are afraid of being called “stupid”.

Still, just because society is in the wrong here doesn’t mean you have to tell the entire world about your math problems. It is entirely within your rights to hire a tutor discretely in order to get over the “shame”.

Discrete Math Solutions Online

Unlike other “wordy” courses, it is usually easy to find math homework solutions online. If you’re working out of a workbook, you can simply look the workbook up on Google and find all of the solutions to the problems listed in it on some blog or in student forums.

There are also many forums where you can post your problem and other users will solve it for you, so that you have the entire process and not just the end answer (x=3).

This is usually frowned upon because it is considered cheating and takes away the whole point of math homework – to get you to practice so you understand it better. However there are certain situations where it can come in handy:

  • Time – Sometimes you just don’t have time and you have to hand the homework in or get a bad grade. Getting the solutions quickly online can help in these situations, just don’t make a habit out of it.
  • Assurance – These are cases where you did the homework but just want to be sure you go the answers right. This can get addicting, so only do it if you are unsure and your homework is getting graded.
  • Method – Getting someone to show you the long answer and how they did it is the only way some students understand the material. So doing it once or twice for a problem when there is a new topic could come in handy.

If you do search for answers online, for whatever reason, you should know that teachers can punish you by lowering your grade or even suspending you if they find out, so be cautious.

Discrete Math Homework Help Online

If you’ve got some discrete math questions and you want someone to help you do your homework without the entire world knowing – online is your best chance. If you’ve got a parent that can help, of course that would be preferable, otherwise be thankful for the internet.

There are many websites where you can simply log on and hire tutors that are available when you need them and can help you with whatever math homework that you have. If you want to be extra cautious, you can have the video lesson be one way so the teacher doesn’t see you, you can create an anonymous user when hiring, and you can hire a teacher from halfway across the world – just to cover all bases!

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