Getting Geometry Help Online in 5 Steps

Geometry is one of those courses where students feel they are either really good at it and “just get it”, or they don’t understand how to even begin approaching the problems they have to solve. In reality, it does not take a genius to be good at geometry. Very much like programming, it simply requires a student get used to a different form of thinking. Teachers will teach you the rules you need to solve geometry problems, but they don’t take the time to teach you how to change your line of thinking in order to make your geometry studies easier. That means that when it comes to solving your homework on your own, you’re faced with a challenge. Here are five steps you can take to getting the geometry homework help that you need online.

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1. Are you looking for help or geometry homework answers?

First understand what exactly do you need. Ideally, we recommend getting someone to help you understand how to solve the problems yourself, but sometimes that is not always an option. Sometimes you find yourself overwhelmed, especially in college, and you’ve only got two hours to finish an assignment from your geometry teacher or professor. If that is the case, it might be better to aim for a geometry homework solver and not a tutor.

On the other hand, if you can and want to take the time to understand the material for yourself, you need a tutor who can go through the material and the problems in your homework and help you solve them on your own.

2. When do you need help with geometry homework?

Are you pressed for time? Are you only available on specific days during specific hours? Understanding what your requirements are before you start your search will make it easier to find someone perfect for your needs. Don’t worry about getting too specific here. As impossible as it may seem, you can find someone who knows the material and is available when you need them.

3. “Help me do my geometry homework!” isn’t enough

Geometry is a very wide description of the subject. It’s not enough to just say you need help with “geometry”, you need to be more specific. Is it high school or college geometry? If it’s college, what is the name of the course? What type of problems are you having difficulty solving – 3D, trapezes, triangles, etc.?

4. What is your budget?

If you’re just paying someone to help you one time, define a one-time budget. If you want someone to help you on a regular basis, define how many lessons a week you need and, based on that, what your monthly budget is. You should also calculate what your budget is per lesson to make the search easier in the next step.

5. Start Your Search

There are thousands of fitting teachers out there and most of them are online, waiting for you to contact them. Search tutor websites for a tutor based on all of the criteria you defined in previous steps. It should be easy at this point to narrow down the results based on their availability, price, and specific skills. Once you do that, you can simply go over their descriptions and make a decision, or contact a number of different tutors for further screening.

Geometry can get confusing in the beginning and requires a very different frame of mind than regular “math” you remember from junior high. But don’t despair, both math and geometry can be taught if you have the time and the right teacher!

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