Do You Need Trigonometry Help? Here’s How to Find Out

Trigonometry usually gets most students confused when they are first introduced to it, just like geometry. It requires a different level of problem solving and a different approach, plus there are certain equations you need to remember by heart (don’t get me started on cos, tan, and sin…). Whether you’re taking high school or college trigonometry, you may find yourself in need of help. So, how do you know you should hire someone to help you or if you’re not quite there?

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Have you tried to do your trigonometry assignment alone?

Before you stare at the homework assignment and give up, give it a try first. Go back to your notes from class and follow the steps the teacher gave you. You may find that you’re doing it and succeeding! It is just intimidating to see all those italics letters, signs, and triangles everywhere.

If you do try and get stuck, don’t freak out. Is there something you don’t understand in the steps or did you follow the steps and get a very weird answer? You may want to use a trigonometry solver online for this just to see if you got the method right. Once you get a couple right, you’ll see that the others are a breeze.

If you still get stuck and simply can’t understand what went wrong, all is still not lost. Search for a trigonometry problem solver online that shows you the entire process, there are several widgets and tools available or you can post it on a student form and ask someone to show you the long solution. Then, look at the solution and try to understand how each step was done. Many students actually find this “reverse engineering” method works better for them than listening to the teacher explain.

If it still doesn’t work out, move on to the next question.

Have you ever had help with trigonometry?

Has anyone ever helped you with your trigonometry homework before? It doesn’t have to be a professional tutor, it can be a parent or friend. If the answer is yes – did they help you understand the material? If you answered “yes” again, then you probably don’t need constant help with trigonometry. It is more likely that you don’t have a problem with the material, just with the teaching method in class. Also, if it was easy for you to understand when a second person explained it, it increases the chances that you will understand the more advanced material later on and will not require assistance.

If you’ve never had help with trigonometry before, then you can’t know that for sure. You may not need a long-term tutor but just someone to explain things once for you to get into the right mindset. Find a trigonometry online tutor to help you with your questions on trigonometry as a one-time deal and see how you handle the next assignment on your own.

Is every trigonometry assignment a challenge?

If the trigonometry homework solver and first lesson didn’t work, don’t worry. This isn’t some cosmic sign that you are destined to be horrible at trigonometry. It just means that the more conventional methods don’t work for you and you need to find a way around them. The best way is to find a tutor that is in line with how you understand things and the teaching method that works for you and work with them on an ongoing basis. You’ll probably only need them in the beginning, every time new material is introduced, just so that you can understand how everything works and then you will manage on your own.

Simply search online tutor websites for a tutor that fits your criteria (topic, skills, rating, cost, and availability), and choose the one with the best reviews. You may need to try one or two different tutors before finding the one that has a teaching method that works for you so don’t despair – it is worth it!

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