Majoring in Music Therapy? Here are a Few Tips to Make College Easier


If you’re majoring in Music Therapy in college, you may start your studies with a bit of a surprise. Many believe that just because they are studying something related to the arts, it won’t require as much of their time or effort and that is simply not true. All you have to do is look up music therapy online to see how many students struggle with the same challenges as those who study fields of science, humanities, medicine, etc. The best way to ensure that you enjoy your studies while still acing your exams and making the most of the learning experience is to plan ahead and be ready. Here are a few tips to help you from music therapy experts and graduates.



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Music Therapy Help

There are a lot of online and offline resources available to you, and you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to look them up. The offline resources are usually books, and you’ll get a list of the ones you should be reading from your professors. The online resources for music therapy help, however, are a bit more difficult to find. Take the time to research before you start your studies so that you have these resources available to you when you need them.


Music Therapy Online Resources

Music Therapy Websites

There are plenty of blogs, news sites, and websites that are either completely about or discuss music therapy. Make a list of at least 5 that seem to have a lot of content on various topics. These will come in handy when you want to read up on a specific topic or term. If you’re really dedicated, start reading some of the articles before you start your courses to get better acquainted with the field and terminology.


YouTube Channels

Look for channels that discuss music therapy. You don’t have to go through everything now, just subscribe for later. When you can’t find music therapy answers, or need clarifications, these videos can be life savers.


Social Media and Forums

Make a list of groups on social networks, forums, and subreddits that are about music therapy or have a lot of music therapy students. This is a great place to post answers when you’re stuck, or just search past posts for specific music therapy questions and answers.


Hire a Music Therapy Helper

An experienced tutor can make a huge difference in your studies. The trick is searching for one before you even start. Don’t wait until you’re stressed for time, don’t understand the material, or can’t focus when you need to study. Find an online tutor before you even start, and use him/her to save time doing your music therapy homework or preparing for exams. Hiring a music therapy helper or tutor online will be much easier and cheaper than finding one in your neighborhood.


Hiring a Tutor for Music Therapy Prep

Whether you need a tutor for music therapy prep, homework assignments, or just to go over the material after class, online tutors are the better option. This is because they are easier to find and are much cheaper since you’re not limited by your specific location.
Once you decide to hire a tutor, make sure to define your budget, your schedule for sessions, and any specific requirements that you have. After that, all you have to do is visit a site for online tutors and use the search parameters and filters to find a few good options. Remember to sort the results by rating, and read reviews to see what previous students are saying about them. Find a couple of good options and contact them with more questions before making a final decision. There is no obligation on your part, so don’t worry if the first session isn’t perfect. Just try again with a different tutor.


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