Getting Ready for Your SATs

Your SAT score can make college admission much easier, which is why many students spend a lot of time and money preparing for it. It’s very much like any other exam preparation, though it is much more intense and requires a lot more material. The idea of the SATs is to measure your literacy and writing skills, problem solving skills, and time management skills, since the test is timed. This allows college admission boards to know how well you’ll do with material at a college level.

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How to Prepare for the SATs

There are a number of things you can do to prepare yourself for the SATs, though nothing will be more efficient that simply taking the time to do practice tests at home. Once you do that, you’ll be able to better understand the following:

  • The test structure – Knowing this beforehand will help you know what to expect when you do the actual test. It will lower the stress levels and pressure and you’ll know which section takes you the longest time and what to do first.
  • Vocabulary – Studying vocabulary will help make things easier for you. You don’t have to learn random words, there are lists you can find online and in prep courses that help you learn words that are commonly tested.
  • Strategize – Don’t expect to answer everything and get everything right. Remember, you’re on the clock. Learn when to skip a question and when to spend more time on one so that you use your time wisely.

SAT Tutoring for Best Results

Practice makes perfect, but you can’t do practice tests on your own if you get stuck on questions all the time and there is no one there to help you understand it. SAT prep questions will come up very often when you study and getting a tutor to help  you with the material and provide SAT help in general will make all the difference.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to find an SAT tutor in your area. There are plenty of tutors online that can provide you with what you need without all of the disadvantages of hiring one that comes to your house. Here’s why:

  • Availability – SAT tutors are hard to find, unless you look online. When you don’t limit your search to your neighborhood, you can find tutors that fit your specific schedule and can help you when you need it.
  • Budget – Because there are more tutors online than offline, the prices are competitive and it costs a lot less to hire a tutor for SAT study lessons when you do it online.
  • Convenience – Online tutors usually teach via live video streaming, or a video call on Skype. It’s like having the tutor with you in your room without the inconvenience of actually hosting someone or going out to where they live.

Hiring a Tutor for Online SAT Prep

Hiring a tutor is very easy, you just have to know what to look for so that you don’t waste time. Simply write down your budget, your availability, and other skills or requirements that you have (like other languages, experience with certain teaching methods, etc.).

Once you have that, all you have to do is log onto a website for hiring tutors and use their search filters to find teachers that fit your criteria. Look at reviews and ratings by previous students to get a better idea of who is the best, and then send a message to the teachers you’d like to hire. That’s all there is to it!

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