Using Online Resources to Learn French from Home



Online resources have become widely popular language learning tools. The web allows languages to easily transcend between cultures and countries, and what once used to belong to a specific group of people can now belong to anyone. Technological advances in education have provided the gift of e-learning, ensuring that the dream of being multilingual is not far-fetched at all. The only issue really, is the abundance. From all the vast options of languages to learn, picking what language to learn will be your only challenge. Seeing as almost half of the English lexicon derives from words in French, learning French seems to be a natural and exciting choice.


City of Love

Imagine walking down the prestigious Champs-Élysées, the charming cobbled streets, and near the breathtaking Eiffel Tower. Then you walk by a small, local French bakery, the sweet scent of bakes goods and coffee catch you off-guard and you just have to get a taste. The nice local baker doesn’t speak a word of English, but you know how to order in French. People are chatting away pleasantly around you, and you hear about a local jazz band playing at a night club that evening not far from your hotel, somebody talks to you in French and asks you where you are from, you answer, and make a new friend.


Beyond Romanticism

Travelling in France is a Romantic escapade, and knowing the language enhances the experience greatly, but there are many more practical reasons to choosing to learn French online. Here are a few points to reassure you that learning French is a pragmatic option.


  • French is a top international language, it is the official language in 29 countries, spoken on 5 continents.
  • Cultural heritage owes a lot to France. Some of the world’s greatest theatre, literature, art, and music have French origins and can be better understood in the French language.
  • While German is the most widely used mother tongue language in Europe at the moment, the high birth rate in France hints that French is due to become the most-spoken native language in the continent.
  • French is the second most-learned language in the world, it is an international lingua franca, making communication possible between people who do not speak a mutual native tongue.
  • Similarities between English and French vocabulary make it easier to learn French.
  • Knowing how to speak French as an additional language is a gate-way to unique job opportunities that are otherwise not available for non-French speakers.
  • The popularity of learning French online has given way to a multitude of online resources, enriching the learning experience and making it a fun and easy process.


How to Learn French Easily Online

Below are a few suggestions on how to learn French online:

  • Watch online videos in French, it will help you pick up the accent quickly and enrich your vocabulary as well.
  • Search for free blogs and websites with online lessons.
  • Join social media groups and forums with people who want to chat in different languages, or join specific French groups to discuss topics you are interested in with native French speakers.
  • Hire an online tutor. Qualified, native French teachers are available to give you that added value, and clear up any misunderstandings immediately. An online tutor is cheaper than traditional tutors, and the task of finding a recommended tutor can be a 2-minute process. Click, review, hire. Another advantage is that you will be learning from a professional, but from the convenience of your home and in alignment with your personal schedule.
  • Pick an online course that meets your criteria. Whether you prioritize cost, quality, or engagement, online courses are available to meet every one of your needs.  

Online language courses are structured for easy access, convenience and a fun learning experience.

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